Digital Assistant

The Path to Optimal Portfolios

Here at the Double Alpha Factory, our dream is to create a technologically refined ecosystem for all investment stakeholders and provide them with a myriad of superlative benefits – Simple. Democratic. Resilient. With our Digital Assistant, we strive to strengthen the capabilities of our financial architecture in both the Private Banking and Wealth Management industries to achieve a coherent holistic view of their customer baseline. Consequently, we therefore can offer them hyper personalized, risk/return optimized advice at low costs.

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Data Driven

Due to the intricacies of financial markets, many analytical tools are grazing their limits. Therefore, the Double Alpha Factory relies on neural networks, i.e., self-learning algorithms that analyze copious amounts of data in a short period of time. Our algorithm predicts market developments to near certainty and builds the foundation of smart, data-driven investment.


Personalization matters the most in the 21st century. Based on the obtained data and client specifications the algorithm calculates customized portfolios in a fully automated manner. The most important input is the chosen level of risk. It determines whether the portfolio is defensive or optimistic, and thus allows individualized wealth management.

Unique Flexibility

When making investment decisions, multiple factors come into play. The Double Alpha Factory’s Digital Assistant offers a decisive advantage in that; the vast quota of configuration possibilities that allow for detailed specifications in the construction of the portfolio assist financial experts in satisfying individual customer needs.

Ultimate Transparency

Active management not only minimizes risk, but also delivers the maximum return for any given level of risk. To achieve dynamic risk management, we employ our progressive data-oriented technology. Unremittingly, our software scans the financial markets and provides recommendations to adjust the portfolio accordingly. And yes, you always have an overview of the portfolio’s asset composition.

Available Assets


covering US and EU markets and more


A selection of mutual funds and ETFs


Including S&P500, DAX40, EURO STOXX 600, MSCI WORLD, RUSSEL 200, Nikkei


Wealth Management
as a Service

Offer your strategies to the public market, while using our solution to actively manage it at minimum costs.

as a Service

Stay up to date with the cutting-edge models and technology. Instantly accessible. Planned to increase your efficiency and scalability.

How can the DA make your life easier and improve the quality of your decisions?

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