as a Service

Focus on the Core Value

Implement new systems into your business’ IT infrastructure often entails highly complex, time-consuming, and exhaustive processes. Our data-centered Software as a Service solution is categorically designed to dramatically reduce the implementation costs for your business. Additionally, the Double Alpha-factory solution offers you an up and running financial analysis tool system, implementable in a matter of days. Your primary focus thus can be allocated on the intricate features of our product offers and how they can add value to your business. Therefore, you may always stay up to date with the latest version with an availability rate exceeding 99.5%.

Why SaaS

Full access

Users will be able to read and edit information on the main platform based on their personal predefined requirements.


Users have the freedom of choosing all the features that are congruent to the needs and demands of your business’ workflow. Smoothen your operations with your selected features.

Stay up to date

We keep your system up to date with our latest versions while ensuring it’s smooth operative capability in its fullest capacity.

Access from anywhere

Your dashboard is just a few clicks away from you. Connect to Wi-Fi, login from any device and you’ll obtain all your data made readily available within seconds.


Our dedicated work ethic fuels our devotion towards creating and maintain a stable platform. We do not interfere with any of your preexisting IT infrastructure in order to minimize implementation risk.

High quality data

Our team consistently makes sure that all the data remains clean and up to date. Our databases and its surrounding algorithm intend to represent the latest available information to our clients.


Unlimited Opportunities