The Era Of Personalization

We live in a world where personalization has become the standard for nearly all institutions. Our solutions seek to smoothen the intricate interactions between the human and digital competencies. They are designed to coordinate human intelligence parallel to artificial intelligence as to enable you, our client, to make more informed decisions, faster, simpler, and customized to your personal needs.

Our Focus

Wealth Management

Use automation to effectively implement hyper personalized portfolios for individual clients. With our digital solution, you can focus on construction strong bonds with your clients.

Private Banking

Perform strategic asset allocation tasks with the use of big data, mathematical models and portfolio analytics. Feed your professional expertise to the algorithm to find the most optimal solution for your organization.

Family Offices

Track the risk and return of all asset classes available in your portfolio. Our mission is to help you find the right allocation based on your static assets and the available liquid ones.

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Digital Assistant

Digital Assistant: This tool is diligently designed to create an ecosystem for all investment-affiliated stakeholders to achieve a multitude of optimized benefits – Simple, Democratic, Resilient. With DA, we aspire to strengthen the processing capabilities of our financial architects, predominantly within the sectors of Private Banking and Wealth Management industries. This is done as to achieve a complete holistic overview of your customers’ portfolios and offer them hyper personalization, risk/return advice at minimized costs. DA will assist you in making pragmatic investment decisions as well as keeping track of them and stay informed about their accuracy and maintain their quality.


Wealth Management
as a Service

Offer your strategies to the public market, while using our solution to actively manage it at minimum costs.

as a Service

Stay up to date with the cutting-edge models and technology. Instantly accessible. Planned to increase your efficiency and scalability.


With Wealthor, we aim to help those, with little experience in portfolio management, make high quality investment decisions and select the right stocks from thousands of available options without getting confused by the overload of information.

We believe that anyone who works hard deserves to achieve financial freedom by the end of their career and enjoy their retirement years. This can be made possible with the aid of technology and data-driven models.