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Our Vision

To change the way we make decisions

Our Mission

We want to improve quality of investment decision by combining
user´s experience with data driven models and analytics

Core Values

Our values shape who we are, how we work with one another and what we represent. With a common mindset we will make sure that all our team members will work as one and our complex and growing organization will work towards achieving our purpose.

  • Start the day with completing a task. An easy task would do the job too!
  • Find someone to help you through life and keep learning
  • Respect everyone. Respect is something you need to earn each day
  • Life is not always fair. That should not make us angry or disappointed.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail, but if you fail learn fast and try harder.
  • Take risks, live is a challenging game. Stand up against the “bullies and know-it-all”, let nobody tear you down
  • Step up when times are toughest and keep marching on – don´t ask how far – give your best!
  • Lift up the downtrodden – you can´t do it, you can! Never give up!

Our Team

Michael Sulzbach

Is the lecturer of Portfolio Management at HBRS. During his time as a financial advisor at Deutsche Bank and as an auditor at PwC, he mainly worked in Corporate Finance and Wealth Management. Due to additional qualifications, such as a diploma in banking and an admission as an exchange trader, he adds stock exchange and brokerage expertise to our team.

Maksim Rodin

Studied Business Computer Science at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow and International Management with a focus on Finance and Accounting at IUBH. With his expert knowledge of quantitative finance and software implementation, he developed our algorithms and products.

Mehdi Sangtarash

Studied International Management with a focus on Finance and Accounting at IUBH. Next to his practical experience in auditing, he has profound programming skills, which he already demonstrated with a bronze medal at the Iranian Computer Olympiad.

Isabelle Corvelyn

Studied marketing while working as a consultant at Deutsche Bank AG. With her extensive
experience as a marketing and sales coordinator at Samsonite, she has a wealth of experience
that she uses in marketing and business operations.

Arad Bashash

Studied International Management, specializing in Finance.

Experienced in Marketing strategies with a background in business development

at Villarreal CF football club.

Employee picture