Wealth Management
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Wealth Management As a service

Securing new strategies listed in financial markets is not an easy task from a legal standpoint. Furthermore, managing a strategy once it is accessible to the public market proves to be a crucial task in order to satisfy and maintain the strategy for a prolonged period of time. The Double Alpha-factory devises it’s Wealth Management as a Service solution to guide you through the listing process from start to finish and help you maintain it to the highest possible standards once it is successfully listed. Our solution renders a way to include your designated analysts’ opinions in the strategy. You focus on the top-level strategic allocation of the product; we focus on keeping it within the set limits and notify you when it’s time to act.

Why WMaaS

Fully Customizable

Together with you, we will create a strategy that fully suits your requirements as well as represents your institution.

Actively Managed

In addition to keeping track of your strategies, our team will guarantee it remains updated according to the latest market conditions.

Quality Data

Our database and its surrounding quality checking algorithms are designed to make sure of the most accurate outcomes.

Lower Costs

Our processes entail to perform the required activities with the uttermost efficient way as well as reduce your costs as much as possible.

Our Listings ​



* This chart does not include transaction costs and management fee reductions. To see the accurate current market data please visit the website of Stuttgart Stock Exchange.

Custom Plan

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