High Quality Data

Our team us constantly making sure that the data is clean and up to date. Our database and its surrounding algorithms are designed to represent the latest available information to our clients.


We have worked hard to create a stable platform and will work hard to maintain the stability. We do not interfere with any of your existing IT infrastructure in order to minimize the implementation risk.

Access from anywhere

Your dashboard is a few clicks away from you. Connect to Wi-Fi, login from any device and you have all your data available to you in a few seconds.

Stay up to date

We keep your system up to date with the latest version, while making sure that the system is available to you above 99,5% of the times.


You can choose for yourself all the features that fit best to your business needs and workflow. Smoothen your operations with your desired features.

Full Access

Users will be able to read and/or edit information on the platform based on your personally predefined set of rules.